How to maintain a wood fence in Fort Collins

You’ve decided to purchase a wood fence in order to gain privacy and security for your home. What a great decision it can be, as you can this new sense of freedom and enjoyment that can come with installing and purchasing a wood fence. Northern Colorado fences has a great selection to choose from and with a great value as well. With an easy online, free estimate you can find out exactly what it might cost you for this new fence.

What are the locations for Northern Colorado Fences?

We’re glad you asked, and there are three locations to choose from. The first is their primary office and it’s located in Fort Collins. The second location happens to be Loveland, and the third is Greeley. You can find the one that is closest to you and stop by with any questions you might have.

Are wooden fences all they have to offer?

Absolutely not, if wood isn’t something you’re looking for, we also offer a selection of vinyl fences, as well as chain link fences.

How do I take care of a wooden fence?

Example cedar wood fence in Fort Collins COThere are a few methods when it comes to taking care of a wooden fence. First and foremost, we always recommend that you have the wood treated with some form of termite treatment. This is really a precaution as we know termites love wood and it doesn’t take much to acquire an infestation that can chew away at your new wooden fence. Now the next thing we consider is making sure you keep up with the weather seal on the wood. This will keep away mold that might grow during the rainier seasons as well as when the snow melts come spring time.

Now in most cases, you can find a pretty cheap wood finish that can be used on both decks as well as your wood fence. Most home improvement stores or stores with a home improvement aisle carry this sealer. For the most part, it just protects the wood against the elements, and believe it or not the UV rays that come from the sun which can also be harmful over time. A good wood stain will keep the wood in tip top shape and allow it to last much longer and require fewer replacements and repairs.

Anything else I should know?

There isn’t a whole lot you need to do in terms of taking care of your wood fence as long as the wood has been taken care of properly with the right protectants and you follow the few simple rules that are outlined. A final bit of advice includes being careful with placements of sprinkler systems and plant life. This is because the constant spray of water on a fence can cause it to wear down faster and plant life, if heavy such as shrubs and used in abundance, can really weigh against the fence and with time make it lean and possibly even damage or break it.