Types of Fences

A quality Fort Collins fence company is well versed in every type of fence. We understand the pros and cons of each fence type and can work with you to make sure we provide the right option for your needs.

Wood fenceWood Fencing

Wood fencing does require maintenance but it is a classic look for your home with excellent strength and privacy.

Vinyl fenceVinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is extremely low maintenance, comes in a wide array of colors and offers excellent privacy for your backyard.

Our chain-link solutions are a low budget and low maintenance solution that many homeowners prefer.

Ranch fenceRanch and Farm Fencing

We can install strong farm and ranch fencing which is designed to hold back heavy cattle while securing your property.

Composite FenceComposite Fencing

Composite fencing is often made out of a wood and vinyl composite solution. This type of fencing marries the low maintenance weather resistance of vinyl with the traditional look of a wooden fence.

Aluminum FenceAluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is elegant and very low maintenance. We can install aluminum paneled fencing which can last over many years and provide ample privacy,

Iron fenceWrought Iron Fencing

Get a strong and decorative touch for your residence with this resilience and low maintenance option.



There are many more types of fences, but these represent the most common in Colorado.