Top 4 Reasons to Add a Fence to Your Property in Fort Collins

You may not have considered buying a fence previously, but if you haven’t then you really should start now. It’s hard to not stress on reasons people need to buy fences, and some of those are maybe one’s you might not even be aware of. That’s alright, though, because, by the time you finish reading this, you’ll understand the Top 4 reasons to add a fence to your property and the best place to purchase that fence from.

What are the top 4 reasons to add a fence to your property?

You may not feel like you need a fence, or that you can even benefit from one, but after reading these four top reasons, you might reconsider and be out to buy one sooner than you think.

  1. The first reason we encourage a person to purchase a fence is for safety and security. While you may live in a safe area and think you don’t need one, it’s not just about thieves. For those who have children or children over, this is a great way to keep them safe from wandering off, while still allowing them to play in the back yard.
  2. Privacy, need we say more? If you’re like one of the hundreds of residents who live in a home that’s property is small or is built closely on top of another, you’ll really appreciate this. With a fence, you can spend time outdoors whether it’s gardening, tanning, or whatever you prefer, all without prying eyes. You might want to talk to your neighbor about splitting the cost since they might want privacy as well.
  3. Property value. Many people aren’t aware that when you purchase and install a fence on your property, it actually increases the value of your property and home. If you don’t plan to reside there for the rest of your lives, that’s good news for when the home goes on the market. If you are in a neighborhood where most other houses have a fence, not having a fence could decrease your property value or make it more difficult to sell.
  4. Our final reason you need to add a fence to your property is they prevent people from trespassing as well as giving your home and property a sense of completeness. Open land on a home creates the illusion that there is always something missing or incomplete. With a fence, it seems to just be a metaphorical ribbon on the project. Likewise, some people don’t care if there walking through another’s yard, or have no problem cutting through yards to get somewhere faster. This can cause damage to the yard and of course, it’s unsettling. A fence can also solve this problem by making sure people aren’t using your backyard as a personal walkway in which your lawn, flowers, and plants are getting destroyed.

There are many other reasons why you would hire a Fort Collins fence company to install one of the many types of fences, but these represent the top 4 reasons we hear from customers.

How to talk to your neighbor about adding a fence (and splitting the cost)

A new fence can be a great addition to any home owner’s property. Not only are you able to gain privacy with it, but it can increase the feeling and security around the home. Fences serve a multitude of purposes and while you might be happy about getting one, your neighbors, on the other hand, might be more against the building of a fence than anything else. There are ways you can approach your neighbor and get them to join in on your Fence enthusiasm and even convince them to help split the costs with you.

Where can I find someone to build a fence reasonably?

If you’re in the market for a fence, whether it be a wooden fence, Vinyl fence, or even a chain link fence then looks no further. Northern Colorado Fences located in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley is the perfect place to go.

How much does it cost?

There is no real way to determine what the cost will be without scheduling an appointment so someone can come and measure the land as well as where you want it to be. However, you may also go online if you already know the dimensions and get a free estimate based on that information.

How to talk to your neighbor about adding a fence (and splitting the cost)

Wood privacy fence in Fort CollinsGreat, so you want a fence, but your neighbor isn’t exactly thrilled. Fortunately, for you, we’ve come up with a great way to approach that neighbor and get them on board as well as convincing them to help with the cost. We feel there is an approach to everything and as long as you approach someone in the right way, with useful and relevant information, you can convince them to consider things from your perspective. Chances are, if you can find a way to get what you want and it benefits them too (in this case your neighbor), then you’ve already got one foot in the doorway of success. Understanding the fencing laws before you talk with your neighbor will also be beneficial.

What might help?

Many areas in Colorado are faced with the problem of homes being built fairly closely in proximity to one another. This allows developers to add more homes to a development, and create larger neighborhoods which of course means more money for them. Unfortunately, for those who buy these homes, this means that they have little to no privacy and not really much room to work with when it comes to utilizing the yards which are typically shared. The great thing about this is you can approach your neighbors and let them know that with the fence you both will have privacy, and your own sectioned off yards. This can be pretty appealing and if it’s something mutually wanted, you can approach them with inquiring if they’d be willing to help. Since it’s something you’re both benefiting from and wanting, chances are good they’ll be willing to help out if it means privacy, private yard space, and no more having to divide up the backyard. Don’t forget to have a discussion on the type of fence will work best for you both.

How to maintain a wood fence in Fort Collins

You’ve decided to purchase a wood fence in order to gain privacy and security for your home. What a great decision it can be, as you can this new sense of freedom and enjoyment that can come with installing and purchasing a wood fence. Northern Colorado fences has a great selection to choose from and with a great value as well. With an easy online, free estimate you can find out exactly what it might cost you for this new fence.

What are the locations for Northern Colorado Fences?

We’re glad you asked, and there are three locations to choose from. The first is their primary office and it’s located in Fort Collins. The second location happens to be Loveland, and the third is Greeley. You can find the one that is closest to you and stop by with any questions you might have.

Are wooden fences all they have to offer?

Absolutely not, if wood isn’t something you’re looking for, we also offer a selection of vinyl fences, as well as chain link fences.

How do I take care of a wooden fence?

Example cedar wood fence in Fort Collins COThere are a few methods when it comes to taking care of a wooden fence. First and foremost, we always recommend that you have the wood treated with some form of termite treatment. This is really a precaution as we know termites love wood and it doesn’t take much to acquire an infestation that can chew away at your new wooden fence. Now the next thing we consider is making sure you keep up with the weather seal on the wood. This will keep away mold that might grow during the rainier seasons as well as when the snow melts come spring time.

Now in most cases, you can find a pretty cheap wood finish that can be used on both decks as well as your wood fence. Most home improvement stores or stores with a home improvement aisle carry this sealer. For the most part, it just protects the wood against the elements, and believe it or not the UV rays that come from the sun which can also be harmful over time. A good wood stain will keep the wood in tip top shape and allow it to last much longer and require fewer replacements and repairs.

Anything else I should know?

There isn’t a whole lot you need to do in terms of taking care of your wood fence as long as the wood has been taken care of properly with the right protectants and you follow the few simple rules that are outlined. A final bit of advice includes being careful with placements of sprinkler systems and plant life. This is because the constant spray of water on a fence can cause it to wear down faster and plant life, if heavy such as shrubs and used in abundance, can really weigh against the fence and with time make it lean and possibly even damage or break it.

How to choose the best fence for your yard in Fort Collins

There are a number of top considerations for homeowners to make before building or hiring a contractor to build a fence. If you need a Fort Collins fence company, here are some of the top considerations that you can keep in mind when you are picking out the ideal type of fence for the needs of your property:

  1. Look at your yard: remember your yard is likely going to be different from everyone else’s. Consider the needs for your fence. This means considering whether you are interested in getting a fence for privacy, for the safety of your pets and children, for the best in visual appeal or just to secure your property. The idea of a privacy fence could be something you may want but in order to maintain your property value, you might have to get a picket fence. You may also be forced to get a higher fence than you may have anticipated in order to keep a dog from digging under or over it. Take these top considerations in mind and outline these needs to your contractor.
  2. Think of the amount of maintenance you wanted to do: wood fencing looks great but it does require a bit of maintenance to keep it up. Aluminum and vinyl fencing requires minimal upkeep but they do require more expensive repair costs when they are damaged.
  3. Talk to the HOA: the homeowners association that governs your neighborhood may have a standard list of materials or fence types that can be put up in your area. If you are potentially restricted by the HOA is going to severely limit the number of fencing options you have.
  4. Work with the right contractor: an ideal contractor can give you plenty of different options for your fencing needs. If you have never fenced yard before it’s also a great idea to hire a professional so that you end up with a strong result that is completely legal and designed for your property.

Keep some of these top considerations in mind for choosing the best fence for your yard.